Free and Inexpensive Podcast Tools

Here is my resource list from the Columbus Ohio Podcasters Monthly Meetup presentation on Free and Inexpensive Podcast Tools

Audio Editors/Recorders

Remote Interview Tools

Show Prep

Various Tools

There are MANY more tools out there. There are more free/inexpensive tools, some that cost more. This list is just an example of the variety of applications available to help you with your podcast.

As you go, you may want to look into some higher priced tools. I use a few one-time or Monthly Subscription tools in my workflow.

Thank you to BangsNaughtyBits and Waffles from the Better Podcasting channel on the GonnaGeek Discord for reviewing this list.

FC O20: Does -40°C = -40°F?

FrazlCast Episode 20

Brewfest lore, the new mobile app, the Blizzard mobile MMO rts, some geeky discussion, and we discuss things like temperature calculation methods.

Frazley was joined at the table by Eric GauderLady Emma.

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