Welcome to my website

I am Jonathan David Bloom. You may have seen me around the web, I do marketing and media for different businesses. I have been blogging and running a site since 2002-2003, can’t really decide on an exact date due to some of that history going away (sites going offline, stuff moving, etc.). I can officially say I started Blogger in 2004. I have some blog entries I need to bring back at some point, just need to figure out where they reside. :P

Right now my biggest passion besides dancing, school, work and video games is TNIWWTCraft. It is a community/network that is run by YOU! It is user led and user supported.

Anyway, enough rambling. This is my website, my domain on the internet. Below are links to my presences elsewhere.

I run The Name I Wanted Was Taken, which is a marketing and media company. I work for IHS Services, Inc. which provides residential support care for people with developmental disabilities. I also do IT and marketing for Bloomin Beads, Etc.