Welcome to my website

I am Jonathan David Bloom. You may have seen me around the web, I do marketing and media for different businesses. I have been blogging and running a site since 2002-2003, can’t really decide on an exact date due to some of that history going away (sites going offline, stuff moving, etc.). I can officially say I started Blogger in 2004. I have some blog entries I need to bring back at some point, just need to figure out where they reside. 😛

Anyway, enough rambling. This is my website, my domain on the internet. Below are links to my presences elsewhere.

I produce Weekly Podcasts.

  • Be Great TODAY

    Weekly Inspiration to start your week.

  • The Frazley Report

    A short news report by The Awesome Gnome to deliver Your World of Warcraft News!

  • FrazlCast

    A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff. Each week I interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond!

I run The Name I Wanted Was Taken, which is a marketing and media company. I work for IHS Services, Inc. which provides residential support care for people with developmental disabilities. I also do IT and marketing for Bloomin Beads, Etc.

I also have a song published.